Friday, 11 March 2016

Fashion Events Calendar

Fashion Week 2016-17
  I was roaming around so i found these fashion week dates. I hope you will find it interesting or want to schedule a trip or tour to these places enjoy
          to March

London Fashion Week A/W 2016                        Feb 19-23
 Milan Fashion Week A/W 2016                Feb 24 – March 1

Paris Fashion Week A/W 2016                  March 1-9
Accessories 2016 Market                          March 7-11
          NYFW: Holiday                             March 7-18

NYFW: Bridal                      April 14-21

o June

Accessories Market                     May 2-6
                NYFW: Resort                May 30-June 10

to July

London Collections Men                    June 10-13
Paris Men’s Fashion Week                June 22-26

NYFW: Men’s S/S 2017                          July 11-14
Paris Haute Couture F/W 16/17               July 3-July

Accessories Market                        August 1-5

NYFW: Women’s S/S 2017                        Sept 8-15
London Fashion Week S/S 2017                   Sept 18-20
Milan Fashion Week S/S 2017                      Sept 21-27
Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017                            Sept 27-Oct 5

      NYFW: Bridal                 Oct 6-13

            Pre-Fall 2017        November 28-December 9

NYFW: Women’s F/W 2017                    Feb 9-14


Monday, 21 September 2015

Ultimate Glasses Fashion Vocabulary

Round Eye Glasses - Fashion Trends

On number first shape we are going to discuss is Round Eye Glasses. Everybody knows it that people have been wearing these glasses for years. Remember Christopher Reeve also known as superman. he wore these round shape eye glasses in movie. But after Harry potter these glasses got famous into teenagers. Harry potter gave boost to these round glasses that’s what I feel if you have any other opinion feel free to comment. Well different people have different opinion but some say it gives you younger looks but in my home my cousin thinks these glasses give you mature looks. I would love to have your opinion on it.

Cat Eye Glasses

Cateye shape glasses got popular in 1950s but after a long time these glasses came back and reclaim their fame for few seasons in spring/summer 2013. Many female celebrities including Rihana singer said 'She loves these Meow Glasses I mean cateye shape Glasses . 

Wayfarers Sunglasses 

In America 1952 there was an optical designer Raymond Stegeman’ Who designed Wayfarers sunglasses for the first time. 1950s and 1960s was not a good era for wayfarers  but in 1982  product placement thing that was a deal  gave boost to the wayfarers make them very popular. Wayfarers are the best world selling design in the history of sunglasses.

Aviator Sunglasses

Personally I love these sunglasses especially when you are going for some kind of business meeting. Actually these glasses were developed for pilots to protect their eyes while flying in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb. That’s why these sunglasses named Aviator.  These sunglasses get popular when General Douglas Macarthur came to Philippines during the World War II wearing them and a journalist took his pictures on the beach. You can see these sunglasses are into fashion trends in many movies all agents wear these sunglasses in the movies :D . 

Panto glasses and sunglasses are the classic masculine 1950s & 1960s Iconic eyewear.
Featuring the Keyhole Bridge and thick acetate rim this style was primarily related with American men.
With the recent revival of retro fashion in recent trends, the panto style is once more being enjoyed by individuals who desire to amalgamate the vintage styles of the past with the contemporary realms of fashion.
Black eyewear conserves the boldness and masculinity modifying it only slightly to progress on comfort, fit and appearance.

These were my favorite glasses shapes but in the info graphic we have total 18 different trendy and in fashion shapes of eye wears check it out feel free to comment and share..  


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dubai Fashion week

Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai fashion week was great event which is opposite of my assumption. I was looking for the updates of “Dubai Fashion Week” and finally I got some news I was reading the article in a fashion magazine that Dubai Fashion Week Middle East went successfully hit. The way people were thinking about around me like what new, different and catchy they will bring and comparison with other fashion weeks likes Milan, NYFW. Dubai fashion week doesn’t exist but it used to refer amalgamation of two events from October 1-5 Fashion Week Middle East and October 4-6 Fashion Forward.

The Idea of this event was exchanging western talent with some local names. Designer from New York charlotte ronson appeared on first day to industry based crowed and local brands Shrekahnth and Amato will be soon showing their products to in New York Fashion Week in exchange. Cameron Silver a well reputed celebrity stylist and owner of  Decades LA was a guest of honor, and fashion new live presenter Rocco Gaglioti  was also there to cover this event so not doubt it was an amazing event.  
October 1-5 Fashion Week Middle East and October 4-6 Fashion Forward

Venue was Dubai International Financial Centre; several well known, ethical brands participated in this event some them are New York based Sophie, Zinga, Senegal and  KayLi From Hong Kong.

Kay Li’s presentation at FWME

Other noticed designers in Dubai Fashion Week were Emily Saunders and The Cartel from New York, Couturier Hani el Behairy, Hippest Store from Dubai.

Highlight of this event was  Sohad Acouri with his theme ‘Come Fly With Me’ showed  verity of  bridal gowns other than couture creations. He came up with the climax on ramp by holding hand of Miss Russia ViktoriaLopyreva wearing a beautiful an intricately designed a body stocking that really provoked feelings in the crowed.

Fashion Forward

Fashion forward is more popular and established fashion event they have done their three seasons and this one was the forth one on the other hand fashion week middle east was a new event. Fashion forward showed local but famous designers on runway,.
The very pleasant bombshell for me in these three days was Emperor1688. Graceful and strong tailoring highest quality silk, wool and cashmere.  

The Emperor 1688 – Runway – Fashion Forward Dubai October

The Emperor 1688 - For Men – Runway – Fashion Forward Dubai October 
Other fantastic and great hitters in fashion forward, Amato by Furne One and Michael Cinco both amazed the audience with their designs and style on runway.   
Amato – Runway – Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014 

Amato – Runway – Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014

Michael Cinco – Runway – Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014 

Michael Cinco – Runway – Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014

Michael Cinco – Runway – Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014

Michael Cinco – Runway – Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014

Monday, 13 October 2014

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion week

Fashion Monday back stage

Hotties are ready to burn the ramp at New York fashion week.